QMobile Noir i5 battery and heat issue

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I just purchased new Q mobile noir i5 and the battery of this mobile finishes very soon and the back of this handset heats a lot after even a five minutes usage. Please tell me the solution.
asked Jul 12, 2014 by MobiArray (315 points)

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A lot of people have this issue, nobody has the exact solution for heating phones except the compay who has made the phone but there are some method by which you can save your battery life and overcome heating issue.

  •     Do not play games every time, Continuously playing game can overheat your phone.
  •     Moderate your online browsing sessions, do not keep browsing every time.
  •     Disable unwanted functions and applications
  •     Replace your old battery with a new one because when phone overheats it consumes more battery
  •     Do not use phone too much while it on charging

I hope this solution may work for you.

answered Jul 16, 2014 by Asad (2,155 points)