Samsung Galaxy S2 is not connecting to PC

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Hello Floks, I am little bit upset because my Samsung Galaxy S2 is connecting to my PC I want to transfer some important data in my mobile.  When I connect it via USB nothing shows, no option occurs in notification bar.  How this problem can be solved.
asked Aug 29, 2014 by MobiArray (315 points)

1 Answer

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Not at all a big problem :P, However if you want to access internal storage then

  • Go to Settings > More Settings > USB Utilities > Connect Storage to PC and then plug your USB Cable.

If this option is already selected then you will have to check your PC's drives, Either USB drivers are installed 

  1. Do not disconnect your phone from PC
  2. Go to Device Manager in your PC and look for yellow marks in the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"
  3. Right click on the yellow items and select "Un-install" or update these drivers
  4. After un-installing drivers, click on button "Scan for hardware changes". Windows will find you mobile phone again and install drivers.



answered Aug 29, 2014 by Asad (2,155 points)