Sony Xperia J - Sleep of death, phone screen remains black

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Hello guys, I have bought Sony Xperia J two years ago but now a days I am having very serious problem when I press lock button it does not come back, the screen goes black and the sensor button on bottom keep alive and also notification light also blinks. When I remove the battery I and put again battery then it turns on.
I have reinstalled the OS of Xperia J many times by using Sony Update Service and PC companion but it always show this problem. I have used all method to solve it which have been defined in Sony's website but nothing works. Please tell me how to fix this problem
asked Jul 16, 2014 by Twister (265 points)

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This is really very serious problem you can not solve it by yourself. No trick and no software solution will work. Your phone needs repairing. I had the same problem in my Xperia phone it was fixed after the repairing. The repairer said that this problem came due to front sensor of phone. You have to go to Sony Customer Centre or  local market to get ride from this dangerous issue. :)
answered Jul 23, 2014 by Asad (2,155 points)