Can't play file. Error# 8007003 in Windows Phone

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Hi friends , I just bought brand new Nokia Lumia 730 dual sim which is a Windows Phone, a few hours ago I was listening song I  played a song in Music application when I played that it gave me a notification

" Sorry, We can't play this file on your phone. Error Code 80070003 "

It was okay for one song, but when I played another song (Which I had already played) phone again gave me the same notification. I checked all the song but it always give this notification, now music player application is not playing the song.

asked Oct 23, 2014 by Usman (105 points)

1 Answer

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Just one that thing I hate in Windows Phones, WP caches files for a long time and does not have option to clean cache of apps like Music. This thing was also happened with me, I usually deleted a song when my phone was connected with PC, when I opened Music App the phone was still showing the deleted song and when I tapped on song the phone gave me the same error code 80070003.

The just simple solution is to remove the song from Music App and this error will be solved.

This is not a complete solution.  WP team should solve this problem in next update
answered Nov 7, 2014 by Misbah (45 points)